Wednesday, June 21, 2006


My position in Marj's house has been improved.

I am now officially The Spider-Finder General!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Crime & Punishment

I have now completed 38 hours of community service.

Do you all feel safer in your beds at night?

So far I have helped;

Clear an area of allotments.
Clear some waste ground.
Creosote a fence.
Trim back an overgrown passageway. (Fnarr Fnarr)
Trimmed another overgrown passageway.

And I've become the face of community service in Ealing. Well, not the face so much as the back of the head of community service in Ealing. There was a bit of a jaunt for the powers that be as last week was some incredibly boring anniversary and they needed some photos. There were 15 of us to choose from but, what a surprise, they chose to use the two white guys rather than the 13 black and asians. It did however give me the chance to explain quite forcibly to the powers our views on the work.

Although I am doing pretty much manual stuff everytime there are two types. One givers some level of "job satisfaction", the other doesn't. When we cleared allotment 1 I was talking to the guy who runs these sites for the council. He explained that when the allotment is finally opened the income will be £350 per year. We had 15 of us there and thus provided the equivalent of about £1000 of labour. He couldn't aford to do this if we weren't available and thus you do feel as though it will make a difference.

Last week when we cleared the alleyway, much of the ground level overgrowth was in front of the residents gasrage doors. It didn't take much cutting back or removal but they obviously couldn't be arsed to do it themselves. I don't see why we should tidy up after residents who have caused the problem in the first place.

It was basically those two points I put across to the local councillor and the Head of the Community Service. Suprised I didn't get another 100 hours for my cheek!

Monday, June 05, 2006


I have so much crap happening, (crappening?), that I can't finish the long awaited mega post re my life of crime so here are the facts.

Got done for driving whilst disqualified. Arrestable offence so was. No drink, drugs or other party involved.

Court gave me 100 hours community service, the same number which is given routinely to teenagers who stab people if they have mitigating circumstances. I have done 24 already. And I have a one year ban on driving which I am sticking to. Next time is possibly imprisonable. Then again, that could sort out the where to live issue!

Right, onwards and upwards.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Home is where the court is.

Well, we live to fight another day on the house front. Or another 8 days from now. Back in court then, and if I can prove projected earnings we keep it, if I can't then it's bye bye home.

Still, there's another 2 lottery draws till then so that's o.k. then.