Thursday, September 30, 2010

T'good Old Days

Graybo, (for it is he), linked to a post about Blogging in the old days.

Yep, proper blogging back then. Discovered I started May 2001. We had to be up in the morning at 5:30 to shovel coal into the blogomotive and connect all the rods between the hammerboard and the interwebnetoscope. Once you'd done that it was 4 hours to type just one word. They've made it too easy for everyone now.

As for joining Twitter. I don't even know how to go about getting a flock of singing amazonian trumpet birds, so I'll avoid that.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm a Medical Marvel, Me!

I had a check up at The Royal Marsden last Friday. Just routine, but for the first time since the op I met my consultant surgeon.

He has confirmed that the biopsy on my lymph nodes did show a trace of cancer. Smaller than a pinhead. I already knew that. What he was so "excited" about, and he was, is that I am the first person who has a) had a sertoli cell tumour and b) they have found a trace of cancer on the lymph nodes.

Up till now he could only advise that it was a possibility. Now he can say it's happened. Those who had the op before me made the right decision as if the cells had seeded they wouldn't have been seen but would have grown at a later date.

It makes having the op worthwhile for my own health and for others.

I admit, it does make me feel warm inside. Maybe it's a bit egotistical. I don't know. But I feel like I have advanced cancer knowledge and will help others in the future to protect their health.

And I've been written up. In a number of journals. And I'm the subject of lectures now and in the future.

And now there is one mother, presently holidaying in Blackpool, who has been proved right when she said her son was special. Just not in the way she'd hoped.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Smelling of Roses

Our local sewage treatment plane, Mogden Lane, are holding drop-in sessions.

Think I might give those a miss!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I think he's telling fibs!

Normally I don't buy croissants from supermarkets because basically, they are crap. A bit like southern fish and chips. However, for reasons I shaln't go into here I ended up with a box of Tesco Finest Croissants.

The famed chef Raymond Blanc, the only man whose French accent has got stronger the longer that he has lived in England, endorses not only these but also their Pain au Raisin and Pain au Chocolat.

All three carry exactly the same endorsement bar the name of the item. It goes;

These are the best .......... I have tasted outside of my own kitchen!


Monsieur Blanc is, as already mentioned, a Frenchie. Now, I have visited France a number of times and, hand on heart, I don't think I have ever had any of those items as poor as Tesco's.

But maybe he didn't mean In the whole world, just the UK. Now, There is a chain of French bakers and patissiers called Paul. I haven't had their stuff much because I still don't think they make it as well here as they do in their French stores, but I bet they are better than Tesco's.

Perhaps he didn't mean other chains. Now, there is another well known French chef in this country, Michel Roux. I've never judged his food myself, but those in the know regard him as the best Chef de Patisserie there is, anywhere, in the world. Now, croissants etc are not normally patisserie items I shouldn't think but I've a feeling Michel can knock out a quick bakery item well in excess of the Tesco Finest range.

Perhaps he meant literally outside his kitchen. Like, the other side of the door. Then maybe he is right.

But to be honest, I think he's going to find it bloody hard to prove in a court of law.

Autumn Clean.

As you can see I'm having a bit of a change.

Some links have gone, partly because they were dead and partly cos Blogger didn't transfer them and I haven't got round to finding them yet.

Why has Masher got no little blue blip beside his link? Who knows. Does Big Blogger know something we don't?

Anyway, expect more minor tweaking.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Food Parcels

I sort of started a diet last week. This morning in the post came a letter from the British Red Cross. I haven't opened it, but I presume it is the arrangements for them to fly food parcels in to me if I start feeling faint.

God bless 'em!

The future isn't Orange.

Not for me anyway.

I decided to set up a wireless network for our machines at home. It has been a nightmare. And all because of Orange. When Marj set up her ISP accont they gave her the username. There is a problem. It is 36 characters long. Most routers, etc, accept only a maximum of 32 charcters. And Orange won't issue her a new username. They accept the only way to overcome the problem is to cancel the contract and take out a new one. So we are. With someone else!

Now we just have to wait while they drag their heels giving us our MAC code. They say 5-7 days. We'll see. It should have been immediate and were at day three and nothing yet. I feel a complaint coming on. And compensation.