Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You what?

As most pubs have no sound running on their television sets they usually have what were once called sub-titles but now have a different name that I can't remember. Quite often they have BBC news on where I go and it is becoming obvious that the text is being done by voice recognition programs as there are hours of fun to be had just watching the mistakes. The best one so far was a report on the Olympic Flame being brought to the UK which informed us that "David Beckham set alight the Olympic Porch".

Bloody Arsonist!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Movable Feast

I saw some Jaffa Oranges today in Tesco.

From South Africa.

They'd just be Oranges then.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Rested and Returned

Well there we go from 3 months blogging to nearly a week off.

I haven't done any "personal" blogging for nearly two months, so what's been happening.

Not a great deal so you haven't missed much.

I nearly got fired for poor sales, which would be fair enough, but they didn't. It might not make any difference anyway as I might have landed a new job. Having worked for an insurance company, a double glazing company and a bank I might be going to the other evil group, estate agents! I won't be on the selling side though. They need my skills in property management at the group headquarters. Assuming all goes well and I get it, it will be the first secure monthly wage packet I have brought in since 1983.

It's audition week for our next production so I'm throwing myself into the fray in order to give my public what they crave. I've decided to audition for three parts which is a bit stupid because I've now got three songs to learn instead of one. Heigh Ho.

Other than that there's nothing to trouble you with so that's it for now.