Thursday, April 11, 2013

Up & Away

Our first stop on our day out in London was The London Eye.

This is the 5th time I've taken a flight. I still tend to think of it in those terms since it was originally sponsored by British Airways. Ieuan had been looking forward to this but decided once we were about 25% round that maybe heights weren't his thing. This from a boy who until recently lived on a mountain. He did however manage to get a grip once it had gone over the top and then quite enjoyed it and managed to look rather cheerful when the official photo was taken.

The interest for me this time wasn't looking at the various tourist attractions but this is the first visit since the Shard was complete so it was good to look at it from a decent height.

Before we went on the eye we availed ourselves of their 4D Experience. I'm not entirely sure what the 4th dimension was as it is just 3d, but as you also get sprinkled with water occasionally depending on the scene you are looking at, I'm assuming it is that. Worth going in if you are there though.

For those who know their London geography there is a bit of a weird experience. One always expect the Thames to have a north and south bank, particularly as you are on "The Southbank", but in fact you are actually on a 90 degree bend and thus "north" is actually west and it takes some time to find distant locations as nothing seems to be in the right direction.

As one would expect there is a gift shop attached when you get off and it is there you can pick up your "official souvenir photograph". Unusually for London, the prices seem to be quite reasonable, and it is worth picking up souvenirs here if you have gifts to take home to family.


For Me - 7/10
For Ieuan - 8/10

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Visitors have been and gone and our visit to see my step sister is over. Now life can get back to normal. During Ieuan's visit to the big city we did some touristy things which I shall blog about over the next few days, although that might spread to weeks with my present blogging form, some of which are famous and you have no doubt done them too whereas others have probably passed you by or not even registered their existence.

The best bit for me in many ways was seeing my mum on Sunday looking so well. She looked like her old self after two years of being ill. Maybe she is going to see her baby reach his 60th birthday in three and a half years time and if she can manage that then it's only the same again until her 90th.

Monday, April 01, 2013


Well, I'm still busy, but I'm not sure I can't rule out a lack of enthusiasm for the reason for not posting for ages. I'm in one of my "tired" periods where enthusiasm is a rare commodity.

Anyway, one of my acting commitments is now over. Admittedly the smallest one but it's still nice to get it out of the way.

Work is quite busy but not producing much in the way of income.

This week however is the week of visitors. M's sister and youngest grandchild visit us from North Wales from tomorrow until Saturday so there will be much sightseeing and visiting going on. Then on Sunday I meet up with my stepsister, her wife, and their son, who are over from San Francisco. It's about 4 years since they were here last so should be fun.

Not a lot of exciting news there but I thought I better let you know I'm still breathing.