Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The worlds gone mad! And other words to that effect.

Why has this been allowed to clog up the courts? If it was the other way round and the garage owner sued her for trespass and thus criminal dmaage I'd have though that was the right way round.

Rant, rant, not like that in my day, etc.....

If I Were A Rich Man

Had the flat valued today. I was ready to be happy with anything around £200k as it needs modernising.

The agent has it at £230-235K and reckons a quick sale is guaranteed cos there just aren't enough flats in the area.

Flipping Heck!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Having your cake and eating it.

Not long now until Marjs' 50th and it's time to get the birthday cake. I think I'm going for the top one on this page, but as she doesn't like white chocolate I'll go for the milk chocolate curls with the mint chocolate buttercream filling.

Then again, any of them would be nice!

Exotic Isleworth

We have a well known colony of parakeets who live in the environs of Kew Gardens and along the banks of the Thames towards Richmond. Occasionally one will venture away from the river to where Marj lives, the best part of a mile away. Today however, four of them had made the trip.

They were going mad, squawking at the tops of their voices. They probably weren't too impressed with the drizzly weather. The local birds weren't too pleased with them and kept well out of the way. No doubt going on about foreigners coming over here taking our bloody branches, etc, etc.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

Linda needs loads of brand new plastic bags to pack things in so I said I'd go to Tescos and ask them nicely for an unopened box of carriers and explain why.

I trundled down to Tescos and explained the situation. A manager came down and explained that Tescos were trying to stop their customers using too many plastic bags as it was bad for the environment.

I explained I have at 6 large black plastic sacks and three large cartons of non-recyclable plastic packaging in my garage, the majority of which comes from Tescos and that Linda won't throw it away and it is not-re-cyclable. We actually throw nothing away. If it isn't in recyclable packaging we don't buy it and we therefore are pretty much 99% green in that respect.

It didn't of course persuade him to give me the bags, but I'm buggered if I'm going to be lectured on green issues by a lackey from a company who probably contribute more to the waste packaging mountain than any other company.

As an exercise, next time you are in a supermarket. stop near the entrance and see how much floorspace there is, then how many products there are, and subsequently how much packaging there must be in there at this very moment. Then realise that quite a lot of the stuff gets replaced on a daily or less that daily basis. And that's just one store of one supermarket. I'm not preaching from the recyclers bible, I really don't care if you recycle or not, but it does give you a damn good idea why we are running out of landfill.

Rich Man, Poor Man

The other day I was in Central London and noyiced a restaurant that hd a strarter of Poor Mans Tuscan Bean Soup. This formed part of a menu that was £25 for 3 courses!

Okay, not outlandish, but it did make me laugh.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Catch Up

Noticeable once again by my absence,

Chaos reigns supreme. Eviction looms. Trying to get an obsessive compulsive to pack stuff is an uphill struggle. You and I might decide clothes, electrical items and other white goods are most important. Linda prefers packing all the empty packaging, from hand soap containers to empty vaseline tins. It adds to the stress somewhat.

Still, unless I do something to upset google at least I won't get evicted from this blog.