Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not quite according to plan.

I particularly liked the report on News at Ten last night regarding the terrorist who was planning to capture a UK Muslim soldier and "behead him like a pig".

At the end of the report it mentioned that he had always wanted to go to Afghanistan and fight with the Taliban. And what was the reason given that he couldn't go? His wife wouldn't let him!

No doubt he would have fought in the first Gulf War, but his mum made him come in for tea! Sometimes it must be really awkward being an international terrorist when your family just don't get it.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

'Twas if it never were.

So all is back to normal. Marj is back at school, the traffic is as bad as ever and suppliers have dragged themselves back into their offices. Even I have managed to do some paperwork!

Having stood on a pair of scales last week and immediately fallen off them with shock I've started the annual diet. Part of the exercise routine is to go to Ceroc every week. If ever there is a series of Strictly Come Lumbering About I'll be a shoo-in. Those who fancy seeing an 18.5 stone 51 year old two left footed idiot trying to dance should get themselves to Twickenham of a Monday night. It's better entertainment than what's on telly.