Wednesday, November 09, 2016

British Break

Have just come back from a fortnight's holiday in Britain. Because we normally end up rushing around seeing people we came with the intention of having a break afetr the season. In the end the itinerary ended up as;

Tuesday 25th - Loupia to Bourges including a false start when we realised we hadn't got the passports on us. (Luckily we had only gone 5 miles......
Wednesday 26th - Bourges to Eurotunnel, crossing, Eurotunnel to St Albans. We hd 9 minutes of delays all the way up through France and 26 minutes of delays on the UK side.......
Thursday 27th - St Albans to Pentre Halkyn (North Wales), 29 minutes delay to today but only after the sat nav diverted us away from a 40 minute delay. PLus a diversion of our own so we could go get an ice cream at Snugburys and go see this years straw structure.
Friday 28th - A day of not driving because it's a family wedding. Much food and wine taken!
Saturday 29th - Pentre Halkyn - Newark on Trent. Although we were heading back south we decided we would travel via the Magnificent M's sister even though we had seen them for the last two days.
Sunday 30th - Newark to St Albans. Meal out which was luckily just down the road.
Monday 31st - Local driving such as shopping at London Colney and an evening meal at the excellent Godfreys in Harpenden.
Tuesday 1st - St Albans to Richmond upon Thames. Settled into our friends flat for a few days whist they are away. Trip to Ealing so the Magnificent M could have her ears hoovered. She can now tell what I am up to over a 100 mile radius! Then to Park Royal for a long awaited Pizza Hut pizza.
Wednesday 2nd - Richmond to Windsor and back, for a day with a very pregnant G prior to the Magnificent M becoming a Grandma. Potential contractions during lunch turned out to be trapped wind! And a nice take-away chinese.
Thursday 3rd - Richmond to Stanton Harcourt and back. To deepest darkest Oxfordshire to go see M's Uncle Bill. Family gossip time. Well, back via Boston Manor so we could have a take away Indian.
Friday 4th - Not too much driving as I saw Linda followed by a mate in a local pub and M visited friends within a five mile radius. And pie and chips to end the day!
Saturday 5th - Shopping in Kingston followed by a bit of a lounge before heading off to Ealing Cricket Club for their annual firework display. Good, loud and cold.
Sunday 6th - into Richmond centre for breakfast with a friend, then on to a disastrous shop at Tesco's, possibly more on that in a later post. The afternoon passed at the 60th birthday party of my oldest friend whom I've know since we were four.
Monday 7th - Richmond to Bourges via an argument with a eurotunnel employee. Definitely more on this later!
Tuesday 8th Bourges to Loupia. And breathe!

4010kms driven in 14 days. And we have to do it all again, except the Wales bit, in December!