Thursday, January 31, 2013

'Twas The Night Before.....

'Twas the night before Blogathon, when all through the house
Not a reader was scrolling, by touchpad or mouse;
The connections were hung by the networks with care,
In hopes that the bloggers soon would be there;

The readers were nestled on sofas or beds,
While visions of mega-blogs danced in their heads;
And work was forgotten cos work is absurd,
when you need to consider each single typed word,

When out in the ether there arose such a clatter,
as bytes and bits flew through internet matter.
Away on to Windows they flew like a flash,
Opened up weblinks, regardless of cash.

Ipad and tablets were opened and wireless
connections were made, the readers were tireless.
They'd waited a year for their annual fix,
which bloggers would throw themselves into the mix?

Come Brennig, Denise, Kennamatic and Masher,
with work safe post or others more rasher,
with erudite musings on this or on that,
with maybe a picture of kittens or cats.

So whether your new to this Feb Blogathon
as a newbie or old hand, you're welcomed along,
for 28 days we'll keep you amused,
though the writers will end up battered and bruised.

So link to us all and be of good cheer,
and as of tomorrow, mine appears here.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013 - Year of the unexpected.

There may be much fodder here for the February Blogathon, or I might just dangle this information here leaving you wanting more. 2013 so far includes...

My father received a call from The Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk inviting him to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace for his services to Philately. (Who will be the first to say that philately gets you everywhere?).

My ex, Linda, has appeared once already in court to defend herself against the council who are trying to evict her, (she is homeless, living in temporary accomodation), because the Council has charged her with something incorrect and they won't reverse it. In May she returns to court with her solicitor defending her under Article 8 of the European Bill of Human Rights. Let's see how they like that!

I have been approached by the UK's top Moody Blues tribute band to try out as the replacement flautist/backing singer when the present one leaves later this spring.

I've sold some windows already this year! (I realise this is less plausible than the previous events!).

A friend who was an extra in the Les Mis film appears in 8 different sections and is seen both with, and possibly more often than, Russel Crowe.