Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bang Crash Wallop.

Well, it's not been the best of days.

I was travelling into Limoux this morning when I had to pull slightly right to avoid a lorry coming the other way. Unfortunately it was at a bit where the bridge cuts in left.

There was a van/bridge interface clash.

I managed to block half the road at a 45˚ angle. So I had 15 minutes of traffic directing and then the Gendarmes turned up. They rang for a breakdown truck whilst directing the traffic. They were very efficient. Their main concern was getting the road clear. So much so that they didn't bother checking my licence, insurance, anything. Not that there would have been a problem if they had. But no doubt in the UK I would have had drink and drug tests, all my paperwork checked. One of the most interesting things was how many people stopped to ask if I needed help. Possibly 1 in every 5 vehicles coming past. Sometimes 2 or 3 cars in a row. It's one of the things I like about being here.

Anyhow, the van is now at a garage where a loss adjuster will decide if it's repairable or dead. I think it might be touch and go!

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Closing Credits

Well, that didn't go quite to plan.

We have been exceptionally busy during June. Much busier than we should have been. The weather has been very unusual and the pools don't like it. I wasn't short of time for watching films because you can do that late at night when knackered but as for writing up reviews, well, I was just a bit short of brain power.

Had I have been on the ball then you would also have been reading about

And on a rather co-incidental but sad note comes the news of Barry Norman's death.

Credits Roll.