Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Success at last.

I managed all the journeys last week but for Edinburgh. That has been postponed until tomorrow. As I'm doing it as a day trip I shall be flying. By pure coincidence, tomorrow I celebrate the fact it is exactly one third of a century since I started life as a working man. (The term "working" obviously being used in the loosest of possible terms). It will also be the first time I have ever flown to see a client. Somehow, flying on business at great expense seems the mark of success, although I suspect if I did it every week it would be a complete pain. If only some of the teachers at my grammar school wrere there to see it I should greet them with a sneer and point out maybe I'm just that bit more successful than they thought I would ever be.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No time to lose..

Not only am I off to Blackpool for 4 days but I've also got to fit in a trip to Suffolk, Edinburgh and possibly Oxford in the next seven days.

The Silver Jubilee

This coming weekend I'm off to Blackpool. JC , who I go with, is celebrating his 25th annual visit. No doubt much beer will be drunk, as will I. And ic a severe case of "taking coals to Newcastle", Marj is coming as well. That should curtail my normal shennannigans!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Joke #36290

What are the New Zealand Rugby Team doing to help global warming?

Giving the Aussies a lift home on their plane.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

To infinity and beyond...

Diamond Geezer has written a piece celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sputnik and how exciting the space race was back then.

Back in the sixties as a child everything seemed possible, even the most ludicrous of suggestions. By now we should be just popping protein pills rather than eating food and I'm still waiting for my personal flying saucer!

So, okay, reality hasn't exactly measured up to the dream but it served a purpose. We were all forward thinking. Our horizons expanded way beyond Earths limitations. Many scientists today probably got inspired by the possibilities of our future and certainly as kids the whole thing was exciting and who on earth didn't want to be an astronaut, assuming there were no train driving jobs left?

So our generation was inspired to look outwards to a magical future full of exciting technologies and strange planets. What does the youth have today? Where is the forward thjinking to come from. If the media and doom sayers are to be believed, thanks to global warming, it must be destruction. Would a new era of space travel inspire them as it did us? Probably not. Would they find the possibility of finding a little green man on mars as exciting as the strange synthetic worlds they can inhabit on their computers?

Okay, I'm 50 now, but in the words of a theme tune back then,

I wish I was a spaceman
The fastest guy alive,
I'd fly around the universe,
in Fireball XL5

And I still would.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Not got a leg to stand on..

All I can see is there will be a meeting of these two parties where there will be one chasing the other hitting him over the head with the wooden leg.

More Cheese Grommit?

Hurrah, there is to be a new Wallace & Grommit short film for TV.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

And todays major disaster is.....

Just as M and me decide things are stressful enough, her youngest daughter, 20, drops another bombshell. Can't talk much about it here but words and phrases such as "ex-boyfriend, pregnant, morning after pill, I still love him" are relevant.

The lifestyle of a hermit seems strangely appealing, although if the previous post is anything to go by, there's no point in M rushing off to a convent for a quiet life.

Big Sister

Now this is much more interesting than Big Brother.