Friday, January 30, 2009

When Jargon Goes Wrong

I've just won a contract with a housing association. I was looking at their website and in the last year they have built 800 affordable houses and 100 non-affordable houses!

Non-affordable? They must be £45million per sq inch or something otherwise The Sultan of Brunei could technically afford it.

I know what they mean but to anyone who doesn't understand government speak they must wonder why any builder builds houses no-one can afford to buy.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Yesterday, we had one of the many legal cases that are surrounding us, and to which I keep alluding. This one was specifically about a threatening message one of Marjs daughters received as part of this series of events. It had been sent through Facebook so the charge was one of "Sending A Message by Electronic Means in Order to Cause Distress or Anxiety".

Firstly, we did win, but considering the CPS had taken on the case and were prosecuting the perputrator, they actually came to court without a hardcopy of the message or the actul correct wording. Luckily, or actually by good planning, we had all our paperwork with us and were therefore able, to the Distric Judges relief, able to supply the neccessary evidence.

How do the CPS get themselves in a situation where they go into court without the evidence? If I was "The Crown", I should want to know!