Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Whilst We Were Sleeping

We had storms last night. Not as bad as last year around our way but there is the odd village cut off by the river.

My story is not about those although the thunder may have masked other noises.

You know how they tell you not to leave electrical products plugged in at night?

You know how tumble driers seem to have a bad reputation for bursting into flame?

You know how despite that information you can't really be bothered plugging it in and unplugging it again each time?

Well if you don't, the potential result is.......

When we got up this morning we came downstairs. There was a bit of a burning smell. We went in the kitchen. There was the sound of gushing water in our utility room. There were scorch marks round the door. The door felt cold, the handle felt cold. We opened the door whilst holding a fire extinguisher. (A legal requirement in all houses in France). No fire, but there had been.

We don't know how it started other than the tumble drier is the seat of the fire. It wasn't being used. The process appears to have been - fire starts - gets properly underway burning and melting items - burns through the incoming water piped for washing machine and water heater - water under mains pressure goes absolutely everywhere and douses the flames. And not a moment too soon.

Insurance company advised and are on the case.

It's a bit of a bastard but it could have been a damn sight worse. At least we are here to be able to be fed up about it.

Sunday, September 22, 2019



Even I was beginning to think I might never blog again. You on the other hand were probably hoping I wouldn't.

Anyway, it is a note-worthy day. Yesterday we went to Ikea and bought 3 x Billy bookcases. (I think there is an international law, probably something to do with the United Nations, that requires everyone to own a Billy bookcase). So we bought three, not the plain white ones but one of the wood effect ones. So it cost more but looks less like a Billy bookcase.

Unbelievably, today, I have built all three of them. The Magnificent M cannot believe it. She was expecting them not to see daylight until at least the new year. And, I only got one shelf the wrong way round so there is a rough face.

Luckily it is right at the bottom so I don't think anyone will see but we might buy some facing tape to stick on. But she better not expect me to do that before the New Year. I'll be at least three months getting over this bout of DIY.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

And now, the end is near.

Well, I was going to do a post today about the neurosurgeon Henry Marsh. He is a great surgeon and one of the nicest people you can
Have should you end up with a brain problem. I have only met him once, when a friend was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I was listening to him on Desert Island Discs and he said nothing that changes my opinion.

Anyway, I've limped in to the end of Blogathon with a poorly laptop and having to use my phone to write this which is less than ideal! (1st world problem).

Do you remember that a few years back I refused to stop blogging daily after the Blogathon and kept going to May? Well I won't be doing that this year!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

La Vie Francaise

I helped some of our owners to clear their garage today as they are about to list the house for sale and needed to tidy up. It turned out we just needed to do two runs with the van and the owners were very pleased by the end of the day. They did admit that we had however done the work in a very French way.

Here's how it went.

10.15 - Arrived at pre-arranged time.
10.16 - A cup of coffee and a catch up as I haven't seen them since last Autumn.
11.15 - Decide it's time to load up the van.
11.40 - Leave to go to the decheterie (refuse tip)
12.05 - Return to house
12.06 - Decide it is time for lunch
12.15 - Carrot Soup, Pate' and cold meats with salad, fruit tarts.
14.00 - Decide it's time to load up the van again.
14.20 - Leave for Decheterie. Won't accept the paint tins.
14.45 - Arrive second decheterie who won't accept paint tins.
15.15 - Arrive third decheterie who thankfully will take paint tins.
15.45 - Return to house.
15.46 - Decide we should have another coffee along with some strawberries and oranges.
16.15 - Declare ourselves well satisfied with the days work.
16.20 - Charged them for just half a days work as to be fair, most of the day was either eating or drinking and the rest pretty much swanning around in the van with the aircon on as it was 25 degrees today.

And that is pretty much why I prefer living here rather then West London!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Local Laughter

Well, not now, but before we came to France.

Milton Jones is one of the best one liner comedians about. Not for him building a 10 minute set about a visit to the local garden centre. He might do about a minute on that and still pack in more jokes than the 10 minute monologue that story based comedians would come up with.

He's different to Tim Vine who is the king of puns. Slightly more quirky.

He was born in Kew, and lives in Twickenham and is a stalwart of the Ealing Comedy Festival.

I've only heard him do the odd slot on the radio but listened today to an entire cd. I think that might be as much as you can take in one sitting but I shall have a listen to another one tomorrow.

One of my favourite bits today - My grandad was really ill so my grandma put lard all over his back, he went downhill fast after that.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

And Home.....

Well, we managed the early start. The shuttle bus ran when it was meant to, the assistance people organised my mum. Ryanair managed to leave on time and even got in early. And then mother had the pleasure of being carried down the stairs from the plane by four hunky firemen. Even at 87 she might be getting a taste for it.

The weather here is much the same as the UK but a bit warmer.

We had cottage pie for tea which was a good welcome home.

Mother has now gone to bed and I won't be far behind.

This international jet-setting is all too much. Even if it is only 1 hour difference!