Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Opera-tion L'Elisir

West London Opera go back into rehearsal tonight for next years production of L'Elisir D'Amore by Donizetti. Now that Pavarotti has shuffled off this mortal coil I have now been promoted by one place in the ranking of tenors. Only another couple of million places to go and I'll be at Covent Garden!


Well, I must just mention one educationy bit.

This morning on the radio Ed Balls was talking about how exams haven't been dumbed down

When I took my French O'Level oral exam I went in knowing nothing about what would be discussed except it would be in French. Now, for GCSE French oral pupils are given a list of questions they could be asked and the answers to those questions for them to learn.

Exactly how does that equate to standards being the same.

Please insert the 1000 other examples you can probably come up with that prove the same point.

One on One Action

So on Monday we get one on one tutoring for all pupils. Tuesday brings us the right for every pregnant woman to have her own dedicated midwife. What betting that we also have our own policeman/woman during the law and order debate.

Still there'll be no more unemployment due to the fact we'll all have to have half a dozen jobs to cover these grand ideas.

I daren't even start on the education proposals. My brain would explode and the internet would be clogged up for months to come.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beautiful Bird

Driving past Heathrow yesterday on the A30 a wondrous sight appeared. Sitting by the hangars was a Concorde. Gleaming in the sun it cheered even a miserable bugger like me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Open House

It's London Open House weekend this coming weekend. If you're in the capital or environs it's your chance to get into some buildings that are normally closed to the public.

I must get off my backside this year and visit the famed Neasden Mandir.

That's okay then.

It might just be me but I would have thought that Ellie Lawrenson deserves a little more justice.

But no, if you leave your 5 year old daughter with her convicted drug using grandmother, who then proceeds to drink two bottles of wine and smoke ten spliffs, and who then allows a dog on the dangerous breeds list which has previously bitten people into the house, then should by any chance your small child be savaged to death, then nobody will be guilty of anything.

Thank god we crack down on speeding motorists otherwise I'd hate to think what the country would become.