Monday, August 29, 2011

I have been to the land of the Phillistines......

....and returned. Unscathed.

So back now from North Wales.

The Good and Bad Points


All road signs written in two languages: Somewhat caught between two stools as it would be a disaster to just use Welsh. No-one would know what the hell was going on. Can't just use English otherwise it dilutes the Welshness of the country. The result is you have half the time to read everything you normally would as you search for the English bit.

Lack of mobile signal: Well, I suppose when you are on holiday this isn't really the biggest crime that could be committed, but it must be a pain if you live there.


For once, the weather: About half a days rain over a 10 day period. Unheard of!

The roads: In better condition generally than those in the South East. Then again, a track up the side of Snowdon would probably win on that count.

Think Bike!: Except in Wales all the posters are aimed at the motorcyclists responsibility to think car and look after their own safety.

Litter: There was very little. Even in the seaside towns we visited we hadn't realised how clean the streets were until we saw some litter and realised that was the first lot we'd seen. No wading through pizza and burger boxes for the residents of Conwy.

So, in conclusion, Wales has finally grown on me. I shal still make it the butt of some humour when I am there, and the weather is one of the big keys to enjoying the place, but there is quite a lot right with the area.

London slips further down the league tables of civilised societies!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Welsh for Beginners

I am presently holidaying in North Wales. In fact I've been here for a week already. I am slowly learning Welsh.

Ysgol = School
Slow = Araf
Hen Golwyn = Old Colwyn
Dim Palmant = No Footpath
Rhybudd Talu Cosb = Penalty Charge Notice

That last one has cost me £35 to learn. And there weren't any Dim Parcio signs to be seen!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

In The Know

I just used what I have decided is an oxymoron.

The towie cognescenti.

I reckon there's a good chance that those who know what towie is, probably don't know what cognescenti means.

Now, I'm pretty sure which side most of my readers fall, so for your edification, towie = The Only Way Is Essex.

A bit worrying that I knew that though.