Thursday, November 30, 2006

There's a certain time in a mans life....

As the countdown to my 50th moves relentlessly forward, just 14 days to go, I have decided that there is something I must do. I have felt it for some time and feel now is the appropriate age to fulfill this longing. So in the next few days, maybe even in a matter of hours, I will be buying a ukelele.

Why, I cannot tell, but I feel it's something that befits a man of 50 to sit in the evening and have a quick strum.

I wonder if my mother was frightened by George Formby when she was a girl. That might explain it.

Feud for thought.

Whilst in Turkey, the Pope is meeting Bartholomew I, the leader of the 300million Orthodox Christians. The aim is to try to build bridges following the split of the two churches in 1054AD.

It's taken 952 years to start talking?

Steady lads, lets go slowly on these talks, no point in rushing into anything.

Monday, November 20, 2006

When is a female not a female?

Last week Georgio Armani added his name to the calls for the ending of size zero models. He has stated that he will be usaing models that are more in keeping with normal women. They will be feminine, whihc he explains means "little breast and straight hips".

Sorry? Am I the only person left who think women should have some shape. Marj is much more "Renoir" than size zero and I'm glad of it. What he is describing is still waif-like, gamine, but mainly "masculine" or boyish.

And surely hereby lies the problem. I din't think it is too stereotypical to say that a great number of male fashion designers are gay. Therefore, is it any wonder that their ideal female model is more male than female, even if in a pretty way.

The average size woman in Britain is size 16 supposedly, therefore, when they all start patting themselves on the back for using size 10 and even 12 models they still are pandering to the minority.

Give me a real woman any day.