Thursday, July 25, 2013

It Lives, Igor!

Hello. I'm still here. Not that you'd know it. 6+ weeks without a post. Must try harder as every teacher at school used to write on my reports. Except those with something worse to say.

Anyhow, the play went. I wasn't the best and at times I wasn't the worst. I have a dvd of it but I haven't watched it yet, something about not wanting to return to the scene of the crime. The playwright came and saw it and said nice things and didn't kill anyone so I'm taking that as a positive.

Holiday booked and car is having it's MOT and service as we speak. Expected it to be about £750 to get it through but it will be less than £500. Result! Millau Viaduct here we come, on way to Beziers and the south of France.

Not having kids the Royal birth made me feel something that I haven't experienced before. A sense of the future. I have seen the future King yet I will never see him ascend the throne, (except for a disaster), a sense that things will carry on after I have gone. Strange. In reality I may not even see William become King but when he was born I was pretty certain I would.

Just made a very big sale. That's why we are off on holiday and I can afford to throw money at the car. Lots of other things to buy so off to the shops now. Hurrah for money!