Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yeoman On Call

Not much blogging going on because it's performance week. How this show has ever got on stage amazes me but we are there and last nights audience enjoyed it.

Not much dieting going on because it's performance week. Eating both regularly and eating healthily is too much during this week but then there's a lot of nervous energy expended.

Not much sleep going on because it's performance week. Takes a couple of hours to come down after the performance but there's still work in the morning. Roll on Saturday for a lie-in.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stones and Glasshouses

Following on from the previous post, I have just heard a well known television personality laying in to Jimmy Saville. Obviously there wasn't the time during their interview to mention the time they tried to defraud the insurance company I worked for with a false claim, and then, when they were told they weren't going to get away with it, threatened to drag us on to a well known consumer programme to teach us a lesson!

Those Who Live By The Sword....

This could have been a long post on the double standards of those who are wading in to the Saville story and all the satellite threads about times past and the fact they obviously feel they live the perfect life in perfect times. They should just remember that in 40 years time people will look back at this period and rip it's morals apart just as easily fro wherever there viewpoint is.


So, that's the first stone gone. The bigger psychological boost comes in 4 pounds time as the weight in stones dips into the 16s. There will then be a real battle on as I consider that s quite a success even though it isn't really.

I've joined the gym as well. I don't mind gyms, I quite like them, much more so than trying to run round the streets or other exercise. I didn't do myself any favours when I did my assessment as my triceps appear to have been brutally beaten by iron bars and put through a mangle. Or maybe it's just that I never use them. As long as I get a reasonable level of fitness and it helps with the weight loss it will be deemed a success. The dreams of a six-pack are long gone and based on the operations of a couple of years back I should imagine the muscle damage would preclude it anyway. I shall have to rely on my natural charm and wit to attract the ladies. (When the Magnificent M isn't watching).

Onwards and Downwards!