Friday, September 29, 2017

Weblog October

Following on from Messrs Brennig and Masher's month of blogging earlier this year I declared I would suggest something for the month of October. All through September I have been wrestling with two ideas as to which shoud mark my premiere appearance of Blogger in Chief for the month. Having had sleepless nights and hours of in-depth thought I have decided to throw both ideas out of the window and go with something else.

This blogging lark has been around a few years now, I myself have been about it for the thick end of 20 years. And I thought why not go a bit retro. In the beginning, and should any young person inadvertently look at my blog whilst looking for something more interesting and not realise it, originally, weblogging was about listing websites that might be of interest to others or linked to each other by theme. Therefore for the month of October I will choose a website per day which I have in my favourites or have used in the past, and say why it is a favourite or what it is about etc.

And if Messrs Brennig and Masher chose to join me I will be honoured. And if anyone else joins in I will be even more cock-a-hoop.