Sunday, May 08, 2011

Old New Technology

I help out a friend who, following a career change, has decided to be a music promoter so when gigs happen I help out on the door and looking after the on-night accounting.

A couple of months back she promoted John Otway. Amongst his unusual instruments was the theremin.

Last night it was The Transmitters. And there on stage was a theremin!

Ah, the theremin! Supposedly the first all electrical musical instrument. I've seen it played, I've read a decription of how it works. I don't understand it but I fancy a go, and they don't cost that much. It does however look like magic, just plucking music out of the air. Marj is considering getting one for her music classes at school. Maybe "the geeks" who aren't artistic might connect with music that is presented in such a scientific way. Maybe they'll buy a kit and build one in science club as well.

There are tons of bands who use the theremin, most of which you won't have heard of, but probably it's biggest exposure, particularly for those of us around in the seventies was Crazy Horses by The Osmonds. So, not a guitar trick at all then.

I say, let's have more theremin related music. Only another 8 years till it reaches it's century and still sounding as weird today as it did back then.