Friday, September 12, 2008

The Big Bang

Am I the only one who really wishes he'd been at CERN this week and when they turned on the Collider blown up a crisp packet and burst it behind everyones back?

Monday, September 01, 2008

Going to Big School

Lord, I feel old.

40 years ago today I started at Ealing Grammar School as a fresh faced 11 year old.

Things I didn't know then but would begin over the next few years......

I sat next to boy called Walter John Loosley. Although he is now known by his middle name he has remained one of my closest friends to this day.

I joined the school choir which led to me joining the church choir and developing a love of classical music. Although I didn't sing for the best part of 30 years it was this start that has lead me to being in West London Opera, amongst other groups, today.

Although I never really tried it, the school introduced me to rowing. In 1980, two of my classmates, Ian McNuff and John Beattie rowed at the Olympics in Moscow and came back with a Bronze medal. Also in the boat was Martin Cross who did the commentary on Radio 5 last month. Oh, and my history master was David Tanner, present Head of English Rowing. That's why, when the Olympics were on recently, I watch the rowing with most interest.

The other thing I managed to do was fail 8 of my 9 O'levels. I relied on my natural ability and didn't put in the effort. A trait that reappears in my life with all too frequent regularity.