Friday, December 16, 2011

The Agony & The Ecstasy 2

Actually on this occasion it's mainly just the agony. I've been quiet recently, not for my usual reason of not being arsed, but because I've been in hospital again. What should have been a quick one day op to repair a hernia turned into a three day stay. My half hour op took three hours. The good news was that they were still able to carry out the repair as keyhole surgery. Not the usual 2 holes, on this occasion there are 9, plus an extra one for a drain. A few more and I could have become the Human Advent Calender. Anyway, the pain is slowly subsiding thanks to Mr Co-Codamol and Mr Ibuprofen. The ecstasy would technically have been my birthday on Tuesday although for me it's another agony. Most people get angsty with the big birthdays, those that end in "0". They never bother me. For most of the previous year people are saying, "so, ?0 next" and by the time you get there you're used to it. The ones that get me are the ones ending in 5. And that's one I've just had. So as of 1.47pm on Tuesday I became nearer 60 than 50. How did that happen? I coped well with 30 and 40, I wasn't even too phased by 50,but 60? 60! I mean, that's old people! So there we are, hurtling towards 60 and held together with sellotape!