Friday, February 23, 2007

How Times Have Changed

Normally I am heading off for this trade fair. However, due to Marj's upcoming venture, tomorrow we travel to Harrogate to spend Sunday at
This one!!!!!

I wonder which will be the more enjoyable?

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Can there be a feeling as great as going to bed when you are really tired? Finally getting to lie down and take the weight off. Stretching out and making yourself comfy.


It's an unfair cop.

Yesterday, whilst waiting for a bus, a car belonging to the local constabulary came winging it's way along Brentford High Street on an emergency call. A van managed to get in it's way. The police car wasn't going particularly fast because of the amount of traffic as it weaved in and out so it didn't have to brake hard. The police obviously didn't appreciate being held up as, having lost a few precious seconds they decided they had enough time to stop and shout at the van driver before speeding off.

To my knowledge, it isn't an offence to inadvertently block the progress of an emergency vehicle. Indeed, I think it is only convention and following advice in the highway code that we let them through anyway. Am I right, or did he break the law. Of course, if he didn't, the police in that car are guilty of road rage.

I wonder if it was the same coppers who going down Boston Manor Road last wek ended up at the back of a long queue of trafic waiting for lights at some roadworks to change. How lucky then that just as they got there they received an "emergency call" that required them to put on the old flashing lights and go straight ahead past everybody. I wonder if by some miraculous chance just as they got past, the emergency call was cancelled?

Cynical? Moi?