Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little Knowledge....

Is an annoying thing. Two things have come out in the last week that are factually incorrect. Not the most important of things but it would be nice that the populace was actually being educated occasionally when stuff jits the news.

1) Prince William was marrying a commoner. (I write this shortly after the wedding). Correct, but what has got missed is that she was too. Up until the moment of them becoming married William was a commoner. The only members of the Nobility are the Monarch and those who hold a Duchy, Earldom or Baronetcy. William did not, and Prince is only a courtesy title in effect.

Which is why when they entered The Abbey there was no fanfare but on their departure there was, the first time they were entitled to one.

2) St George's Day has moved to 2nd May. No. It's simple enough despite most of the papers getting it wrong. St George's Day is always April 23rd. However, because it fell on Easter Staurday, The Church couldn't celebrate the Feast of St George. That is what has moved to Monday May 2nd, the first monday after Easter. And if you go to some churches on the Monday, there will be the relevant service. But if your waiting for St George's Day, you've missed it.

Anyway, enough of pedants corner.