Monday, May 26, 2008

No sooner said........

I am now the proud owner of a Peugeot 406 Diesel Estate, or I will be when I've made the long trip to Darlington to get it on Wednesday. That'll be 6 hrs 50 mins on a National Express coach, but at least it only costs £6.00, a bit of a bargain, less than a quid an hour.

A tank will do 635 miles rather than 240 from the Lexus. I reckon the car will pay for itself in just a few months as it's only costing me £700. Expect to hear no more on the matter unless the car is absolutely brilliant or a complete dog.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tax Haven

The government must think they are living in paradise. It's bad enough that they charge us so much tax on fuel but then, to charge us VAT on the tax proportion is just taking the P.

I'm thinking about changing the car to something somewhat more fuel frugal. The cost of motoring is now getting too high. I could increase the profit the company takes to cover it but you have to watch competitive prices.

Meanwhile, the extra £7bn that the government has earned in fuel taxation since april, yes, that's april this year, will no doubt fail to be spent on anything of use to motorists such as road surfaces. And no, speed/safety cameras and remote cctv cameras to monitor parking are not a help to motorists.

Let's hope yesterdays by-election is a sign of things to come.

Friday, May 09, 2008

On December 5th last year we were burgled, as chronicled here. The only thing taken was Marj's car. We had a call last Friday to say it had been recovered. It is now in a Police Pound in Perivale. So last night we went to retrieve it and queued for an hour to be processed. Today I have to go back with the RAC to see if it will start. We know the battery is dead, but we know nothing else about the condition. The police can't tell us wheter it is driveable, what damage there appears to be, although it can't be extensive as they seem to think that it should be driveable. As it is, we have yet to actually clap eyes on it.

An update will follow later.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thoughts on BoJo.

Boris, our new mayor, is often portrayed as non-serious. This partly stems from him hosting Have I Got News For You some time back. Now, you only get that gig if you have a bit of personality. Apparently it is wrong for the mayor of London to have a personality. Perhaps nearly as wrong as it is for the prime Minister to have no personality.

Is Boris an idiot? He represents the Conservatives in Henley. Now there probably isn't a safer seat in Britain than that so why would he be given it if the tories didn't think he was immensely able. If he was an idiot he would have been given an inner city seat to fight that he would lose. Also, a sizeable number of the constituents he represents are, in general, influential business people. They are not the sort to sufer fools gladly. If he wasn't good at what he does he would have been "removed" before the last election.

He has appointed a coloured gentleman called Ray Lewis as his deputy. The man is incredibly able and has helped turn many black youths lives round with the work he has done. As well as being deputy, part of his remit is to advise on strategies for tackling youth crime. Part of the black community are complaining that Boris is only doing this for tokenism. Would they be the same as those who would complain that it was racism if he had appointed somebody white.?

There are others complaining that he is appointing people who will "do the job for him". Well I'm sorry, that's actually the role of Mayor. Rather like on a ship, the Captain doesn't stoke the boiler. INdeed, quite often the Captiain isn't steering the boat either. He is a figurehead with overall responsibility. The more able people Boris brings in, the better.

I certainly think his Mayoral term is going to be eventful. I hope for the better. I guess he has also found out, as if as a politician he didn't already know - You Just Can't Win.