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Monday, May 08, 2006

Those who live by the sword......

Not another one of my proverb posts, although it might be interesting.

The Da Vinci Code is released on the 19th and The Catholic Church and Opus Dei are gearing up to refute it's claims.

The problem for the church, and as much for the broad church as just one sect, is that they cannot deny that historically they have over-ridden other religions and facts to further their cause. No-one can deny The Inquisition and in the beginning of Christianity around the world they took over the pagan festivals and converted them to Christian celebrations. Indeed, we see the same happening today, where "The Church of Political Correctness" thinks Christmas should be abandoned in favour of an all inclusive Winter Festival.

I have read the book, along with millions of others, (readers, not books), and enjoyed it. Whether there be any truth in it whatsoever with regard to the central premise or not I found it a good read. Because of religions past behaviour however, one does certainly wonder whether there might be something in it.

The Church really need not worry though. Those who believe in Christ et al, are unlikely to be swayed away from their beliefs and for those who are non-believers it will just be a film with a story they either like or don't.


  • Perhaps, but you must admit that the Church is pretty good at doing impressive windows.

    By Blogger Graybo, At 8:26 AM  

  • Remember the hoo - ha over the 'Life of Brian'?
    It was after all, like the 'Da Vinci Code', a fictitious story. Why the religious nutters get their nickers in a twist baffles me.

    By Blogger krip, At 3:57 PM  

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