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Monday, December 11, 2006

Something is was afoot.

I knew Marj had planned something for last Saturday as an early suprise for my birthday. BY the wednesday I knew we were getting up early and going to Waterloo. I knew others were involved at some point.

What happened was, we went to Waterloo and got ready to catch the Eurostar to Lille, both a town and a mode of transport I have not sampled before. Then one by one, various friends turned up until we reached Lille where another two were waiting.

I thought what might happen was me and Marj go out for the day and then when we got back people might be in a pub waiting. The fact that people were willing to go to another country to celebrate my birthday at what would not be an inconsiderable expense to them has actually quite moved me. But I'm British. So I won't let them know.

And if you haven't been to Lille it's a really nice place. I'll definitely go back for a longer visit but at the moment it is heaving with poeople visiting the Christmas Market. And, I don't wish to worry any of you single gentlemen out there, but there are a couple of wedding dress shops that the girls in our party were drooling about, particularly at the incredibly reasonable prices being charged.


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