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Monday, January 08, 2007

The Upper Class on The Upper Deck

One gets used to the chavs of London letting their offspring cavort around the bus, using it as there own personal playground and running and climbing over seats, passengers, stairwells, but now even the posh kids are at it.

On the 137 earlier today a woman with a particularly refined accent had her two kids with her, one of which was laying on the window ledge of the front upstairs window between the glass and the railing. They were discussing it's upcoming birthday party which would be attended, as best I remember, by Morgan, Charles, Samantha, Gregory but I don't think there were any Waynes or Chardonnays on the guest list. Just as well the bus didn't hit something as said child wouldn't be seeing it's birthday. The stupidity of some parents is amazing.

I nearly said something but suddenly remembered I'm a tradesman and hadn't been spoken to first. Luckily I still know my place!


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