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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Misleading & Suspicious

Following M&S being caught out over their Scottish Salmon by giving it a bogus name it's interesting to see the new 125th Anniversary advert. Interesting and annoying from my point of view. I can spot three things that are either misleading or suspicious.

1) In the opening scene a loveable cockney barrow boy says hello to Twiggy. He was well travelled for the 1880s as their original Penny Stall was in Leeds! I hate the idea that anything that has ever happened in England can only have happened in London.

2) They claim that they introduced the Avocado Pear. Interestingly so do Sainsburys in their 140th anniversary advert. Sainsburys however have given the year they did it. Who knows, but I'm leaning towards Sainsburys with M&Ss record.

3) Claiming they introduced proper bra fitting service. Quite possibly they were the first high street chain to do so because at the time they were probably were the only high street underwear retailer. Of course, retailers of ladies foundation garments had been measuring ladies lumps and bumps well before that. Even today their measuring service is fine for fitting their own bras but isn't right for giving a lady her correct sizing for the "real" market.

Has anyone else spotted any other untruths?


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