Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I've Seen The Future and It's The Past

I never lost a company under a Conservative government but have now lost 2 under this Labour lot. In reality, I haven't lost the second but it isn't worth me struggling on. I can't make the income I need as things are.

So, I have made a decision and a couple of phone calls. I have a meeting wih my ex area manager and divisional manager tomorrow, weather permitting. If all goes well, I'm heading back to Everest!

It's 8 years since I left. I took this decision over the weekend and although in general I never ever go backwards this feel right. I'm taking the pressure off myself, going back solely to selling, and, in acknowledgement of my age, realise this is going to be the run in to my retirement if all goes well. Admittedly another 12-15 years but all the same.

So, back to the future!

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Masher said...

Sorry to hear about your business(es), Dave. The government haven't made it easy over this past decade, for the self employed.

My own attempt at going it alone, never really got off the ground. That was down to me, in all honesty, but if I can blame Gordon, I will.

Hope things work out for you at Everest.