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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm a Medical Marvel, Me!

I had a check up at The Royal Marsden last Friday. Just routine, but for the first time since the op I met my consultant surgeon.

He has confirmed that the biopsy on my lymph nodes did show a trace of cancer. Smaller than a pinhead. I already knew that. What he was so "excited" about, and he was, is that I am the first person who has a) had a sertoli cell tumour and b) they have found a trace of cancer on the lymph nodes.

Up till now he could only advise that it was a possibility. Now he can say it's happened. Those who had the op before me made the right decision as if the cells had seeded they wouldn't have been seen but would have grown at a later date.

It makes having the op worthwhile for my own health and for others.

I admit, it does make me feel warm inside. Maybe it's a bit egotistical. I don't know. But I feel like I have advanced cancer knowledge and will help others in the future to protect their health.

And I've been written up. In a number of journals. And I'm the subject of lectures now and in the future.

And now there is one mother, presently holidaying in Blackpool, who has been proved right when she said her son was special. Just not in the way she'd hoped.


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