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Saturday, October 01, 2011

What would happen if..... Number 1

There was the usual report in the paper this week of a criminal who can't be sent back to his homeland because he would be in danger of torture and thus to do so would infringe his human rights. I'm not too sure if anyone would be that upset as he was one of the bombers from the 7/7 London attacks. However, that aside, I was wondering what exactly would happen if, having won a case to say he can't be sent back under the Human Rights Act, what would actually happen if we did? What penalties would await us? You see, I don't actually think anything would happen. I would much rather live in a country that repatriated murderers to their homeland, even if they were going to be tortured, than live in one that said everyone can stay here regardless of their crimes and set ourselves up to be the laughing stock of the international community.


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