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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Loupia Life - The Blog

Sightly premature as we haven't moved yet, but then there are things I already want to write, this is the web address for the blog where I will write about our big adventure.

There won't be lots on there, three or four posts at the moment, until we move, although there will be a flurry in a couple of weeks time when we go out there for a week to start learning the ropes. Some of the stuff on there already, particularly the "about" page, probably contains much you have read on this blog.

There will be some other pages added, one on food and drink, another on local sights, maybe even a geocaching page if I have the time and inclination!

I shall continue to run this blog for some stuff that isn't France related and I will try to keep the two well apart. I'm not so worried about people coming from this site through to the other but from there to here, which is one reason for de-branding from Kennamatic and using the W host rather than Blogger. And nor will I put up a link in the side bar to the new site.

Anyway, feel free to saunter over at your will and I'll see you there, here or at both.


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