Saturday, June 02, 2018

Banal Blogathon 1

So here we are back at Bren's June Blogathon contribution - The Banal Blogathon. And I'm late. I suppose I should do a banal post as to my lateness but I wont.

The English word banal comes from the French word banel. Unfortunately, as an object, banal or banel don't exist, so instead I give you ........


I like a banana, with custard, ice cream, perhaps in a sandwich. The problem is I like a slightly under ripe banana and I can't get them in France. In fact I can't get a decent banana for love nor money. The French prefer wherever possible to use home grown produce or something from a French colony. Unfortunately it would appear none of the French colonies were banana growing ones. Sometimes if we are really unlucky we have some grown in France. They shouldn't bother.

It drives me bananas!


Brennig said...

That's totally bananas. I mean why can't you get one in those parts?

Masher said...

Bananas in custard.
The Frenchies don't know what they're missing!

kennamatic said...

Brennig - I suspect Napoleon had something to do with it, he had something to do with everything else!

Masher - Banane avec Creme Anglais. Not as good as Birds custard though!