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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hypocrisy Lives

It is impossible to avoid stroies of Big Brother even if you don't watch it. Therefore I know that Emily? was kicked out by the powers that be for using the "N" word. On monday evening as part of the Three Minute Wonder series there was a film shown of a coloured person which was littered throughout with the "N" word. Channel 4 neither chose to blank our the word and obviously decided that this should be an included film of the series.

So as far as channel 4 are concerned white people cannot use the word nigger but black people can. Emily was using it, I gather, in a context that young people would and not in a nasty agressive way. The coloured gut in the film was talking about how he taunted other black guys.

If I was Emily I would consider taking Channel 4 to court as they have effectively discriminated against her and stopped the chance of her winning whatever financial prize there is.

My answer as always is to be a litigious Kennamatic.


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