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Monday, June 04, 2007

The root of the problem.

Reading an interview given by Frank Lampard about the upcoming match in Estonia he says,

"Do we need to win? Who knows. Should we try to win, well, we've got to start putting a run of wins together at some point so we might as well start now."

Well that's very gracious of him and the rest of the team. But that shows exactly the way they think. They obviously decide they should try to win when it becomes necessary. Surely if you are going to play for your country you need to have an attitude that you are going to win or at least try your damned hardest to make sure you do, every match you play, regardless of the opposition.

England play with the three lions on their chest. Lions would not be Kings of the Jungle if they went around with the attitude that they needed to be frightening every now and then but they'd save themselvers until necessary. That wasn't the attitude that won the cup in 1966 and that attitude will make certain we will never win it again.

Crouch is expected to be recalled and one of his advantages is that just because he is playing against a less talented team and might be winning, you still have to keep going and put more goals past them.

According to our local bookies Englamnd are listed at 1/9 to win. If I could get 9/1 on Estonia to win it might be worth a little punt.


  • Why do they get paid for playing for their country? It's not as though the need it.

    By Blogger krip, At 5:57 PM  

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