Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Child In All Of Us

I am organising a concert for one of my opera groups. It's non-opera and one of the songs I have chosen is "Teddy Bears Picnic".

All amateur arts groups have those who take themselves too seriously and there is a great deal of pleasure in wathching them sing childrens songs whilst trying to remain aloof.

In general though, there are few amongst us who aren't cheered by a chorus or two of Teddy Bear. Reliving our youth is an important thing to do. Particularly at times of stress. They say that you can reduce a roomfull of 50 year old men to tears by playing the theme from Listen With Mother.

I suggest you stop whatever you are doing right now and sing s song from your childhood, perhaps Nellie the Elephant? And if your boss complains make them join in too!


graybo said...

No idea what you are talking about. Some of us are forced to sing children's songs every day!

Masher said...

Of all the children's songs, Teddy Bear's Picnic IS one of the best.
Good choice.

kennamatic said...

Graybo - Yes, and I think it's very cruel you should force Tom to do that just so you can get to sing them!

kennamatic said...
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