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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Triumph Two

Following on from the success of The Olympic Opening Ceremony, last night's Paralympic curtain raiser was just as good. And I've become a fan of Nicola Miles-Wildin who played Miranda.

She's worked with Graeae Theatr company who are about to put on a production at The Southbank Centre. Sorely tempted to go up and see something if she's taking part, and I rarely go to the theatre or at least not for straight acting. I suspect she isn't involved though althougb some of those taking centre stage in the production of Spasticus Autisticus will be. I wonder what Ian Drury would have thought about it? Pleased, I hope.

And good to see Stephen Hawkin given such a major role. The highlight for me being his final words that no matter what, everyone has the ability to excel at something.

And in a last minute dive across the living room to get an apple each, M & I took part in the World's Largest Apple Bite.


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