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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keeping It In The Family

Stella McCartney is to design the Olympic Kit

This is the first time that Great Britain has used a recognised designer for the Summer Olympic Kit. I can see why. Really you want a materials technician to be devising kit. The right material covering the right amount of body might just shave that last 0.01 second off your time meaning the difference between gold or silver, a World record as oppose to a Games record.

This is a Stella McCartney number.

Not too over the top for a fashion design but perhaps a little impractical for the women's shot putt.

So we'll wait to see.

And isn't her dad due to play the opening ceremony? Perhaps they got both of them on a Buy 1 McCartney get 1 free deal. Pity Linda isn't still about, she could have been Official Provider of Vegetarian Food to the Olympics.

Following yesterdays news that people running with the torch have to pay £200 to keep them I suspect the athletes are waiting to hear how much they might be charged if they want to keep their kits!


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