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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Strike Whilst the Iron's Hot

Petrol supplies are running out as people panic buy.

As an expert said today, it doesn't take much to make the British panic buy. And he's not wrong. People queuing to buy petrol because of a strike which hasn't been called yet. And no, the government didn't help by suggesting it might be worth filling up. Interestingly, a girl who works at a petrol station, was saying that it is very obvious that people are driving around with minimal amounts of petrol. They just fill up with a tenner at a time. And I'm pone of them. I'd like to take the MPs advice but I haven't got the odd £100 in my pocket even if they have.

Anyway, there are a few other strikes available for those who don't own cars.

Tube drivers to strike during Olympics if they don't get an extra £1000 each for doing their normal job. The only transport in London which won't be affected by the games.

Baggage Handlers on strike at Stanstead over Easter weekend. Not that they want to inconvenience passengers, it's just obviously that they hadn't realised that weekend was Easter and the busiest one for ages. How unlucky was that!

It's just a pity that politicians don't go on strike, it might give us all the chance to recover for a bit. Actually, would it make much difference if they did go on strike?


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