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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Wonderful World of Research

The Video Game Licensing Board have discovered that children are playing games rated for higher ages and often with their parents.

Well, quite honestly I don't think that kids playing games for older age groups is anything new. It's part of being a youngster to do stuff that is above your age group. However, it is the role of the parent to try to stoop it with an occasional blind eye not to bloody participate!

I think I might have mentioned a youngster at M's school who has been diagnosed autistic although to be honest he isn't. Well, part of the way he displays his "autism" is in bad behaviour. This bad behaviour revolves around simulated extreme violence and sexual activity. How does he know about these things? Because he watches DVDs with his dad. DVDs of extreme violence and sexual activity. Stuff that is rated 18. Hardly suitable for a 9 year old.

Yes, before you ask, of course the school have confronted the parents. Their response? "But he enjoys them"! Lots of giggling from both of them. No amount of talking from the school makes a blind bit of difference.

Earlier to day I was chatting with a colleague whose 17 year old son is at college. Late last year he was behind with his course work and home work. The college put him onto a contract whereby if he got behind again he was out. So yesterday, he gets a call from the college to say his son is behind again and what should they do about it. So Peter says "tell him that he has until the end of The Easter holiday to catch up. If he hasn't caught up, give him a weeks notice and if he's still behind you chuck him out!". The College then proceeded to panic in case they actually had to do it. They said they weren't even sure they could do it. They also said it's the first time they've had a parent asking them to chuck a son out rather than begging to keep them in.

There's 10 years near enough between those two boys, but a lifetimes experience away between the two styles of parenting.


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