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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Deepest Darkest Sussex.

Last Wednesday I visited the ancient world of Grayboland. i.e. Chichester.

The supposed reason was to watch Marjs' daughter Rachel playing rugby for Brunel University W.R.C. against Sussex Uni, but of course my real reason was to see how many statues of the aforementioned G have been erected since his departure.

Apparently it is none!

What is the world coming to.

Two other bits of information. One, they drew 5-5 which is a shame because that meant Sussex get promoted on some sort of countback system whilst the Mighty Bru, (I'm in the swing of it already!), finished second. Two, I went past Mr S's old house and discovered that the new owners have changed all the windows and not with me!!!!! I did what any self respecting dou ble glazing salesman does in times like this. I threw a brick through their windows and shouted "you smell too!", through their letterbox. (Not really, but I did curse them with the misting up of their sealed units at their earliest convenience. That'll teach 'em!)


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