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Friday, February 03, 2006

Now you see them. now you don't.

Lyle talks about voiceovers.

For me the most annoying thing is the need for all television companies to squash the credits of the programme you have just been watching to a size where an ant walking across the screen obliterates the entire lot whilst they promote the programme coming up next after the following three adverts.

Having watched a film or drama, wondering who a particular actor was, I really would like to check his name in the credits. Also I knew a set construction manager when I worked with his wife many years back and I like to see if a particular set is one of his. Not a hope. Even if you place your eyes 2 cms from the screen the writing is too pixellated to make any sense of it.

Would it be too much to allow the names of those who have worked incredibly hard to bring us our film or televisual entertainment their proper recognition? I really don't need to know that any moment now I might get the chance to watch "When Librarians go Wild" or "Post Office Counter Clerk from Hell".

Ooh, it's nice to be back and ranting again!


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