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Friday, February 03, 2006

Two Wheels on my Wagon

As mentioned previously, I have taken to the bicycle as my main mode of transport at the moment. This model actually.

I have always hated every minute previously when I have been car-less but I must admit, although it is sometimes a bit inconvenient if I need to be somewhere fast, I'm actually not missing the car too much.

I'm not the worlds quickest cyclist, averaging about 11-12 mph, but it gets me there. It's also getting me fitter. I've steadily been losing weight for the last few months but the cycling is helping that along and generally toning up various bits of body. It's also squashing other bits but we'll not go into that here!

I've also managed to get two flat tyres in the last few weeks and it's not as annoying as changing a tyre on a car.

One of the other noticeable things is how much money I seem to have without pouring fuel into the motor. Probably a good £40 a week or more. That's quite a bit in my present pecuniary state.

Fitness, healthy bank balance, the chance to ring a bell when you approach pedestrians, what would it take to get you back on a bike these days?


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