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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bargain of the Century

At last, my weeks of cycling are at an end with the purchase of a car off e-bay for the princely sum of £139!!!!! Now that is a bargain because a) there was £45 quids worth of fuel in the tank, a new battery worth £35, and 6 months MOT worth about £21. so with those £101 pounds worth of good bits it means the rest of the car cost me £38. And if someone else hadn't been bidding he would have in effect paid me a pound to take it away as the e-bay listing started at £100.

It's an H reg Ford Granada 2.0 DOHC and it drives like it is new! No wheel judder even at 70 mph (+10/15 mph if you're not a police officer). Not a beat of the enging missed and kick down for overtaking was fine, responsive and definitely not showing it's 155,000 miles done.

The bodywork has the usual minor rust spots on the wheel arches, but what Granada doesn't, and to be fair, my bodywork isn't all it was 15 years ago!

By the time the travelling to Bury is thrown in, and the meals en route I'm all set up for just around £200.

If my usual pecuniary position had been any better I mmight not have though about trying to get a cheapy on ebay, but because it is I've got a real bargain.

Hurrah for the internet!!!!!


  • Nice one!
    Look after it and you may well sell it for a profit, Dave.

    By Blogger Masher, At 8:22 PM  

  • I will be looking for a new motor soon. Isn't it a bit risky buying off e-bay?

    By Blogger krip, At 4:11 PM  

  • krip - yes it can be, but check the feedback of the seller, see how much detail, both good and bad, they put about the car, and you'll probably be better off than dealing with the motor trade.

    By Blogger kennamatic, At 8:22 PM  

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