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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bargain Update

The £139 car continues to give good service. It has now done 1000 miles since I bought it.

I thought there was a problem this morning though. I was driving along when there was a loud bang from the rear. I thought maybe it was the boot that I hadn't closed properly as I had just gone over a speed bump and that might have shut it. Next corner I come to I turn left and the indicator flashes double time. Rear indicator bulb appears to have gone. Before I buy one I just check the other lights are working to discover the entire rear nearside cluster isn't working.

Oh Bother! I think to myself. I decide it's shorted out for some reason and can see hours of changing wiring etc to cure it. Then I just check whether the bulb area is damp to find out that the light unit has just fallen away from iot's holder. Slotted it back in and everything is fine.

£139 might buy you a car, but not peace of mind.


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