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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Master Criminals

There is now a breed of criminals that are such a threat to society that their every move has to be monitored by camera, 24 hours a day, to stop them breaking the law.

It is probably you. And if it isn't it is almost definitely the majority of people you know.

It is.................... the motorist.

The latest government adviser has decided on this.

Who is this Mr Gifford? Apart from an absolute fecking idiot! Can the government honestly take notice of an advisor who wants to clamp down on motorists by increasing camera use because the 7/7 bombers travelled to Luton Station by car!

This government is obsessed with clamping down on motorists and raising revenue. Of course the fact that they were never meant to gain any money from the cameras but now do has nothing to do with it. Yeah, right!

If motorists are the scum of the earth then perhaps they should ban cars along with cigarettes and alcohol, as all of crime in this country appears to be centered on those three items if you believe them.

There is a road near me, Midhurst Road for those who know the Northfields area of Ealing, which is covered in potholes. It is a fairly busy road as there are schools nearby and it is on a route connecting a number of major roads. Someone, and this person should be knighted immediately, has gone down the road with one of those industrial paint cans and put a ring round every one of them. Then at regular intervals has sprayed "road tax", "car tax" "Fuel tax" etc along the road as well. A point well made.

The government now tax your fuel (fuel tax), your car purchase (VAT), your insurance (Insurance Premium Tax) as well as the traditional road tax. The roads in the meantime are a disgrace. I will have blogged previously on my Kennamatic site about the quality of French roads these days as oppose to ours. Soon it will be the UK with "chausee deforme" signs.

Meanwhile "official" cars are free to park where they want, and that appears to include standard police cars, without the fear of recrimination. Meanwhile you will be persecuted.

This is a rant I go back to at regular intervals. It is one of the few things in life that winds me up. I don't get stressed by traffic jams but this is beginning to get to me. If I am ever going to get into civil disobedience it will be over this issue. I have always pulled over for the emergency services when their sirens are going, and I always will for the fire and ambulance services, but I automatically presume now that if a police car is on "an emergency" it is either untrue and just trying to cut through traffic, or is after a fellow motorist, lord knows, they never turn up when people are attacked or burgled so they won't be on their way to that sort of incident. I feel, and I know plenty of others like me, that we are in a "them and us" situation.

Anyone know any good ways to make a stand that doesn't involve overtly breaking the law or getting yourself into too deep hot water? I'll sign up.


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