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Friday, March 31, 2006

Proverbials # 2 - Give a man enough rope.....

Following a series of deliveries Kev and I were in possession of a particularly long length of rope. Enough to run up and down an articulated lorry two or three times. If that isn't enough rope for suspension purposes then I don't know what is. WIt was placed on hid driveway on Monday.

I didn't inform him that he was taking part in this experiment, partly because I didn't want to influence him into doing the opposite out of sheer cussedness, and also partly because I hoped he might avoid the rope but his wife fall victim to it's charms. Well, we can all dream!

Tuesday passed and no contact from him. Fair enough, we occasionally have days when we dont talk or text. Wednesday, too, passed in a deafening silence. This was beginning to look like the first proverb to prove itself.

However, Wednesday night at about 11:50 he texted about meeting up on Thursday.

I therefore declare that even if you give a man way too much rope than he could possibly need for hanging himself, he fails to do so. Another proverb that is a waste of time.

Expect an update later if you also have to give a man enough time as well as enough rope etc.


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