Friday, February 23, 2018

Memory Lane

Tonight Mathew, I am watching the Old Grey Whistle Test.

Not a great lover of rock music or prog rock or anything much when I was a teenager but I used to watch this. Mainly I suspect so I knew what everyone else was talking about. Indeed, Danny Baker is saying much the same thing at this very minute.

Good old Whispering Bob Harris. He managed to make it exciting and secretive, being part of this special world of bands. Bands that weren't going to appear on TOTP, or very few of them.

I suspect many watching tonight wish they would bring it back.

But they won't. Who needs a program where people can actually play musical instruments, can sing in tune without autotune and don't have a "journey" with which to draw in the public. Just groups of musicians sitting around making music. How the hell is Simon Cowell going to make a fortune with that!


Masher said...

I never watched The Old Grey Whistle Test because, for years, I thought it was something to do with cricket.
In fact, I never watched any music based shows - I wasn't even a fan of TOTP... although I did watch it a few times, but certainly not avidly.
That programme with Jools Holland? Never watched that one either.

But I HAVE heard of the legend that is Whispering Bob Harris.

kennamatic said...

Too busy on that radio hamming if you ask me!

Toffeeapple said...

Those were the days!