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Sunday, April 08, 2012

D.I.D. - Day 8

As I mentioned yesterday, I did a few things at work which didn't go down well with the powers that be. Or at least the powers at local level. After 3 years we decided to part company but not until I had three months of full on aggravation. I got through it by getting up each morning and before getting in the car putting todays record on the record player, plugging in the headphones, and turning up the volume.

Anarchy In The UK - Sex Pistols

For all the hype that went along with them they were actually a much better group than they were given credit for. The music theme here of staying on one note for quite long stretches repeated itself when John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten formed Public Image Limited which refined the process somewhat. Indeed, I love this song so much that had I only got the normal 8 discs to take this would have been one of them.

Anyone fancy a pogo?


  • Groundhog Day!

    I liked some of the Pistols' stuff, but much later on when my musical tastes became more diverse.

    At the time, Mr Rotten and his like really did symbolise anarchy.

    Of course, he advertises butter now.

    By Blogger Masher, At 5:45 PM  

  • Completely passed me by!

    By Blogger Toffeeapple, At 2:33 PM  

  • Excellent tuneage. Punk was over-rated as a musical force, but it did confront the cosy New Romantic/GlamRock genres with some attitude, and that alone was worth it.

    By Blogger Brennig, At 10:07 AM  

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