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Friday, February 12, 2016

Blogathon Day 12 - Health, but not as we know it.

I learnet something new about our French Pharmacy today. I don't know whether it is just them or if others are the same. I had to pick up a repeat prescription this morning before I fly back tomorrow. As always they were on the ball and dispensed it within about a minute, partly due to the fact that Friday is market day in Limoux and they have 5 people working the counter. That wasn't our only interaction though as we didn't understand why one of our claim forms had been returned for our prescription charges, so we asked the nice lady behind the counter. She had a look at it and gave the Gallic shrug that peppers any conversation. "I will ring them" she said, but in French. so she went off and rang the authorities on our behalf to find out what the heck they were playing at. 5 minutes later she came back to inform us that my social security number has been changed and the last claim form had my previous number on. She then got a new form and filled it all in for us, including date of birth, resulting in her pointing out that she and I share a birthday but she is two years younger.

Now, I have had really good pharmacists in the UK so, helpful as she was, that was not the interesting bit. The other thing about going in on a Friday moring is that they offer all their cusomers free croissants, pain au chocolat, pain au raisin or choquettes. No healthy glass of wheatgrass or slimming biscuit here but a nice butter laden pastry. It probably doesn't help with the weight loss, although it won't have added that many calories, but their customers go out feeling happy and that is surely a dose of good medicine.


  • That's excellent.
    Not a particularly healthy offering, as you say, but it helps to add a little cheer when one is a bit low.

    As long as they don't take it further and start offering free Galoises and solvents.

    By Blogger Masher, At 7:34 AM  

  • I wish our pharmacies would do something similar, it would be lovely to have a little treat.

    By Blogger Toffeeapple, At 6:33 PM  

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